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Warm Water Therapy Pool Opens for Fitness Activities at the UP Home

Washington, IA (May 16, 2019) – In May, the United Presbyterian Home opened up their Warm Water Therapy Pool for individual exercise and group fitness classes for adults age 55 and greater. The Pool has been open since January 2018 for therapy purposes and in May 2019 the pool expanded its offering to include aqua aerobics.

“The warm water therapy pool is another option we can offer to help people reach goals related to their health.  If a person is overweight or obese, has arthritis, joint pain or an injury that makes traditional land-based exercise hard, water may be a great option,” said Wellness Director Amy Kleese.  “Exercising in water reduces the pressure on your back and knees as felt in traditional exercise.  Because water lessens the effects of gravity, individuals are able to move their body through a wider range of motion, which improves flexibility.” 

This 12’ x 20’ pool is the only one of its kind in a 60 mile radius of Washington.  By integrating aquatic therapy, the UP Home will be providing a safe and effective way to help people rehabilitate, become more active, and safely perform everyday tasks required for an independent lifestyle.  Programming for the therapy pool includes group aqua aerobics as well as individual exercise times for people to work on cardio, strength, flexibility, balance and weight loss. 

“The size of our pool offers great options for socializing in a class atmosphere and yet if a person prefers to do their own thing, the pool treadmills allow for individuals to perform exercises at their own pace.  The use of the treadmills in the pool is something very special.  Because it is low-impact and easily tailored to your fitness level, anyone can benefit from water exercise, regardless of age or ability,” said Kleese.

The Wellness Center at the UP Home is currently offering four aqua aerobics classes and times throughout the morning, afternoon and early evening are available for individual fitness.  With the water temperature around 91 degrees, the pool offers a comforting feeling for those who might experience pain while exercising on land.

“The warm water is immediately comforting and soothing on achy joints and muscles,” said Kleese. “ If someone can overcome  the pain associated with previous exercise sessions and gain strength, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance with aquatic exercise, with time moving on land may also become easier.”

The Wellness Center is open Monday through Saturday, people are welcome to stop-in for a tour and learn more about aquatic fitness at the UP Home. The UP Home also offers aquatic therapy.